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Hot topic around election.

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Caution: This entry contains two parts; (a) and (b). Part (a) comprises of emotions and bias point of view whereas (b) will include nearly fair arguments on the topic discussed.

Topic: Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN).
The Pakatan promises if they conquer Putrajaya this coming election, PTPTN will be abolished and free tertiary education for all. They have come up with a plan for all the debt to be paid in installment for a number of years. The Kerajaan on the other hand opposed this idea saying it would lead Malaysia to bankruptcy, the rakyat's tax would rise and quality education would seize to existence. Those are the two puppeteer statements on the matter.

Part (a).

Okay here is the thing. All the hullabaloo of this issue, makes me furious for a number of reasons that seems rational to me. I don't know about you guys, but this is my one cent of thought. Foot note: My arguments are free from any partisanship (insyallah).

This free education thing is my cup of tea, in fact, it is everyone's favourite drink. But bear with the fact that quality comes with a hefty price. We are using an education system that comprises services from dedicated executives and lecturers and paying a sum of money for this noble services are incomparable with the knowledge we receive, that lifts us from our jahiliyyah terms and provide enlightenment for our ignorance.

Another thing - PTPTN is a choice, not compulsory. We live in a 'partially' free country, having the freedom to prefer x from y. First, let us define what is loan. Loan /lōn/ - A thing that is borrowed, esp. a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest. If you feel burden by the amount you have to pay in the future, you can opt for other financial aids agencies (JPA, MARA, other Yayasans), or to ease the matter, don't apply for any loans at all.

Plus, I am voicing out the minority voice of IPTS student. We are the creditors of PTPTN from IPTS, depend fully on their generousity. Our tuition, semester and exam fees are on our own expenses - regardless our financial background. Thus, PTPTN came to our aid. Our knight in shining armour! In the same aspect, IPTS depends on the mahasiswa's fees to upkeep the quality education and their infrastructures. It is easy for them who is subsidies and supported to say this and that. But to us, without PTPTN we can't further our studies which the fees could reach as high as RM70,000. Not everyone has the opportunity to secure a place in IPTA.

Besides, the money we borrow from PTPTN does not only pays for our education, it also gives us tiny taste of earthly pleasures; paying for the utilities, buying stuffs for 'educational' purposes and some pampering after a semester tiring ourselves. But most of us realise, we do not OWN the money, we OWE them.

In a nutshell (eceh), I am opposing the idea of abolishing PTPTN IF there are no new ideas or mechanism in replacing PTPTN as mahasiswa's financial helper.

Part (b).

There are two different agendas in this topic;

1. Abolishing PTPTN.
2. Giving free tertiary education.

Firstly, abolishing PTPTN means to abolish the establishment and to abrogate all the debts but tertiary education still have to be paid by mahasiswa, heedless of IPTA or IPTS. Secondly, the free tertiary education - meaning anyone eligible from all walks of life can enroll into a program - free of charge.

These two agendas must be execute together, no PTPTN without free education gives the rakyat more weight while it does the same if the situation remains as it is now. Some questions should be asked before implementing such shift, for instance; Will the government give financial support to ALL 20 IPTAs and ALL 462 IPTSes (academies, institutes, colleges, university colleges, universities - up to April 2012)? If so, in what sector should the government impose financial cuts to cover the education expenses? If no financial cuts are imposed on any sector, does the government has what it takes to support all IPTs? And many more questions to be asked.

To my fellow mahasiswas, a popular quote from V for Vendetta goes like this - 'Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith'. Some of us searched for the strength in numbers, and with the level of strength they stood up for the things they thought was right for them. As a man of collectivism, I understand the movement but I would be more understanding to their cries and pleas SUPPOSING they know what is good for every present and future mahasiswa of Malaysia - not only to the current debtors of PTPTN.

A tip for the future leaders, stop being hooligans and start acting like mahasiswas - educated and civilised. Know what's good aggregated, if it is, have a strong base on your arguments and PROVIDE ALTERNATIVES. Citing Aiman Azlan's tweet '... there is a fine line between a reason and an excuse'. This is my opinion, the ilham comes from Rabbul 'Alim, the bad also comes from Him added with my own shortcomings. Wallahualam.

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