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A - Z of 2012

This post is inspired by @Plumandpeach's #AtoZ2012 #2012InReview

A - Abah
This year I learned a lot about Abah. How sensitive he is, how insensitive he is, his strong and soft points. Being the only son, I look up to him. He's an idol of which his teachings and his understanding shapes me and I'd like to mould my children like he did to us. I love you, Abah.

B - B8.16.11
A unit of confined space which Aiman, Zul, Bogel, Stephen the Raju and I share our life as mahasiswa together. A magnificent apartment unit in a shitty apartment lot. This is where we start building our brotherhood, in a serene chamber which we call home with high speed internet and pillow talks; I could not wish it to be any perfect than this.

C - Classes
HECTIC year full of classes. The first 3 months I struggled with Business Maths and Principle of Finance while juggling between tutoring and co-curricular activities. I thought I was free from the suffocation of numbers and figure but NOOOOOOO. The last 3 months of 2012, I met with Business Statistics and Financial Management. Final examination is still on, I hope it turns out well. *sobb*

D - Dovahkiin
The cat that tried to flew from a high rise building but landed on his back. That's Dovahkiin - The dragon born; a name in which he stands for (NOT). Named after the main character of Skyrim as Aiman was obsessed with the game when Dovahkiin came into our lives. He's a black tom cat, with a pair of brown eyes and a little fracture in his left iris. He came and proved us we are not fit to have a cat and one day, he left us. Still waiting for him to come back home. Dovahkiin, we missed you.

E - Emotion
Emotions flair up in 2012. Mixed feelings of anger, depression, joyous and sorrow. Not much negativity this year, and am quite happy for that.

F - Family KEMSIS
KEMSIS, the greatest non blood related family I have ever had. The sole purpose of me coming to campus everyday because of KEMSIS. I know it supposed to be about studying and what not, but KEMSIS give me that sense of belonging when I needed the most. It's not just a club, it's a family. It's home.

G - Gardenia's Butterscotch
I eat more of this bread this year since it came into market 2 years ago, and I found someone who is into it as well! A classmate of mine, never saw him before the briefing for Telok Batik and was quite close during the retreat.

H - Hijrah
'To hijrah is easy, to istiqamah is hard'. Still trying to hijrah myself, struggling everyday. Lord, have mercy. Allahumma yassir wa la tu'assir, rabbi tammim bi khair.

I - Ica
A school girl. Took PMR this year and did great. Cried when Zul, Aiman and me sang her 'Happy Birthday' over the phone. My little sister likes to be alone, she may seemed lonely but inside of her head lies dastardly plots to take over the world by storm while still can layan Youtube.com in her free times.

J - Jubah
2012 is a good jubah year for me. Had five hand made by the finest tailors of Ipoh (Mak and Umi), another two bought by Opah in Makkah during her umrah with Pak Teh and Mak Teh, and another one is a gift from Muhammad El Rashid, a friend from Sudan. We call him Mumu for short.

This particular phrase still haunts me. I could be mentally traumatised if it had not been for the trip to Telok Batik the next day. Will not be telling the story but it is one of the most powerful, heart breaking and mental injury I have ever experienced since matriculation.

L - Lost
Lost; my spirit, my body and my mind. Still figuring out my way back.

M - Mama & Mak
My two guardian angels, descends from the Heavens above guiding me in the path of purity and righteousness with their own unique set of ways. Mama with her soothing voice and city charms, while Mak with her kampong style of doing things. I had the best from both worlds. They are the strongest women, with an iron heart and bones of steel.  I love you two more than anyone ever will.

N - Nadia
My first little sister made staggering changes in 2012, and I am for one very proud and happy with it. She showed effort to be close to Islam. I always knew she is inclined to the Islamic ways. I pray for this change to stay until forever. Go Nadia, go!

O - Opah
During the course of most of my holidays this year, I spent time in Taiping caring for Opah as she was not well after her umrah. She had high fever right after she came back from Makkah, had a very mild stroke and she fell from the bed as she was going to the toilet in the middle of the night. The experience of taking care a sick elderly person thought me to be very tolerant and patient. And I got to know some of the family secrets as Opah tends to have tongue slips right before she goes to sleep. Hehe don't worry Opah, I'll keep it a secret forever.

P - Payung & Pecel

Ramadhan of 2012, and most of the final months of 2012 I spent most of the time after class in payung and pecel with the boys. Good times, good times.

Q - Queer
2012 showed me true colours of some of my friends, coming out of the closet for good. I am not exactly proud of their acts but they have quite interesting lives and the stories they share are magnificent. Hoping you guys don't go astray too far, come back as soon as possible guys.

R - Rapat Setia Baru
My hometown. Rarely have the time to enjoy my holidays here. But the boys really love it, Ipoh to be exact. The food, the ambiance, the people. Everything is perfect.

S - Solihin, As
How I missed the children. As Solihin, we'll be back with surprises! Insyallah.

T - Twitter
@danieleskay. Shameless self promote. LOL

Okay, maybe this needs a little bit of explanation. I am a student of UNIRAZAK, PINTAR Campus. In early 2012, PINTAR Campus was sold of and the administration decided they would name it UMTECH. In mid 2012, once again UMTECH was bought but this time by Equinas and yet the name changes once more to UNITAR. Despite all this, I am still a UNIRAZAK student in UNITAR campus. But to spare me the trouble of explaining to people, I just tell them I am in UNITAR.

V - Voyages 
Trips made by car, bicycle, foot and train. First timers all the way. First night bed train ride to Butterworth, first time I cycled from Sunway to Shah Alam which took me about 4 hours of pain and excruciating journey. I had sore bottoms for two weeks.

W - Wonder
The mind wonders far and abroad with books, the body wonders within financial capacity and the soul wonders beyond the astral realm. Quite a journey, I must say. 2013, I would wonder further!

X - 10.
It's a roman numeral for the number 10. 10 is a special number this year. 10 times I fell, literally and so-to-speak. 10 times we went out for good food with good people. 10 times I went back to Ipoh. Yup, 10 is a good number for 2012.

Y - Y Generation.
Mashallah, this was truly an insight for me. I stumbled upon this phrase a couple of times through my readings but never I thought I would be talking about it in national television. After the invitation I received from UNITAR and RTM, I did some research and to my amazement I was dumbfounded by it. Not because of the explanation of the phrase, but the depths of my knowledge of it. Truly, He is all knowing and my knowledge is just an electron in the vast ocean.

Z - Zul.
I met a lot of Zuls this year. Apart from my housemate, there's Abang Zul UTP from Kelantan. I met him during our rendezvous in Tesco KB. Zulfahmi of UPM, Babal's room mate. Dzulfazlie of JAIS, who showed me you can be anything you want as long as you believe in yourself.

With that, ends my A - Z of 2012. Insyallah, 2013 will be a better year for everyone. Especially for them refugees. Our prayers are with you guys!