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In the last two months, I am highly affected with deaths. Life is so fragile, it's like walking on eggshells. One minute you're prancing around with your fancy dress and top notch gadgets, the next thing you know you're six feet under.

"Naemah Mokhtar: (31 Mac 2014, 01:34) Let's take a moment of silent dan sedekahkan ummul kitab alfatihah buat arwah ibu izzati dan semoga Dia beri izzati kekuatan yg berterusan utk selesaikan urusan ini. Alfatihah. 

A dear dear friend of mine, Nurul Izzati Zainuddin lost her Ibu. I said hi to Ibu a couple of times before. And to receive such news was devastating. Be at peace, Puan Nor Hayati Hashim.

Be it a self reminder. Izrail is always whispering to you, "Soon.." Alfatihah to Ibu, and to every living and dead person, which I think the living needs it the most.