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b/p: anak salleh.


Not the best of me.


it has been keeping me awake for quite some times now. not sure if it is forgotten or is it forgiven. to whom ever this may concern, i am sorry for the sins that i had inflict upon you. i know better now. those days were the stupidest of my days, yet. i know better now. and i apologise for everything.

i am a complex being who is capable of seeing the good side of nearly everything, but not this. the only thing i am regretting from this point onwards.

'do not reveal your sins as allah has guarded it from the public.'

pretty sure you are not reading this, but this is all the effort i could make right now to express the feeling of regret and self-pity.

note to self: never EVER do something you'll regret later on. 5 year old me and 50 year old me would not be proud of myself.