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b/p: anak salleh.


this is me.

dengan nama allah, yang maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihani.

assalamualaikum, to everyone and to my future wife. grace and peace be upon muhammad al-amin ibni abdullah, rasulullah s.a.w, may we are blessed with his syafaat in the hereafter.

so this is me and this is who i am. i am waiting for someone - somewhere - unknown there to love me just the way i am. with lots of words i sent to you through allah, hope that someday i'll find you. and i'll keep searching till that day, the day that allah had prepared for us.

amin, ya rabbal 'alamin.

p/s: as going with the flow, this is my response to early marriage. if anyone of you have a slightest niat in the heart, i'd say; GO FOR IT! prepare for any possibilities, you'll never know you'll start a new family at an early age.


Anonymous said...

amin..moga dipercepatkan jodohnya..*takkan masih tiada yg berkenan dihati..:)

anak salleh said...

amiin :)
masih belum, sayang sekali.

Anonymous said...

hope u'll get the best one.. :) amiinn

anak salleh said...

insyallah, doa kan saya. utk awak juga anon.

Anonymous said...

If only i've strength just to admit and say i love...