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b/p: anak salleh.


Creator and the creations.

bismillah al-rahman al-rahim.

today marks my 21st year of being alive, alhamdulillah. it was 252 months of normal humanoid activities or 7560 days of excretions or 181440 hours of thinking, wondering and dreaming or 10886400 minutes of gaseous exchange and above all, it was 653184000 seconds of Allah's grace to me, His servant.

throughout the remembered years of my life it is frankly quite hard when i think i need to please everyone with desirable behaviour, etiquette, acceptable thoughts and such as each person varies in likes and dislikes but it slipped my mind.. i was brought to Earth to please and serve Allah SWT, our creator.

A creator creates his creation as the creator's desired functions, abilities and skills. The creation dwell among other creations of the creator, to work harmoniously and continues to be good at it. does the creation needs to please other creations? NO. does a creation needs to understand and tolerate in the bounds of the creators will and wish with other creation? YES.

from this point onward, i'll straighten up myself. i'll be a man, a strong desirable thoughtful Muhsin. insyallah.

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